Safe in His Hands

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Safe in His Hands

John 6: 35-40 (MSG)

35-38 Jesus said, “I am the Bread of Life. The person who aligns with me hungers no more and thirsts no more, ever. I have told you this explicitly because even though you have seen me in action, you don’t really believe me. Every person the Father gives me eventually comes running to me. And once that person is with me, I hold on and don’t let go. I came down from heaven not to follow my own whim but to accomplish the will of the One who sent me.

39-40 “This, in a nutshell, is that will: that everything handed over to me by the Father be completed—not a single detail missed—and at the wrap-up of time I have everything and everyone put together, upright and whole. This is what my Father wants: that anyone who sees the Son and trusts who he is and what he does and then aligns with him will enter real life, eternal life. My part is to put them on their feet alive and whole at the completion of time.”

Did you know that the Greek word “to believe” (pisteuo) also means “entrust”? And did you know that the word “trust” does not put the onus on us, but gives us permission to lean our weight fully upon the Lord? We do not trust in our own ability to lean, but on the Holy Spirit’s working in us, to bring us to a deeper and deeper leaning. And our Heavenly Father promises through this learning school of leaning that He will NEVER let His children go.

Some children, like me, need to learn to lean on our Savior by experiencing the grief and pain of leaning on idols of our human shaping, believing them to be God. It is then, when He welcomes us Home again, to serve Him as the One True God, that our confidence in who He truly is becomes so steadfast and sure that our hearts learn, as we breathe in grace, that no matter what we feel, think or do, we serve a God who beckons us come. And in this falling and getting back up again, in this daily experience of grace, He writes His Word into the depths of our hearts – reminding us of the surety of His Promise that JESUS will “put [us] on [our] feet alive and whole at the completion of time”. All we do is lean and entrust ourselves and our loved ones into His care. 

What an awesome God we serve!! Come let us enter His courts with thanksgiving and praise!

Father God, we praise You that You are a God who promises to hold Your children tight. To never ever let them go. Your love reaches deeper than any scheme of the enemy, than any idol of human shaping. Not we, but You complete the good work You have begun in us. We entrust ourselves and our Beloved Prodigals into Your mighty hands, believing that You will indeed never let us go. Father, we are gathering here together to proclaim Your greatness. To worship You for who You truly are in the joyous and sure expectation of standing before Your throne together with all Your Beloved Prodigals as One – “alive and whole at the completion of time.” For Your Word is tested and true. 

Father, send out your light and your truth; let them lead us and our Beloved Prodigals; let them bring us all to your holy hill and to your dwelling (Psalm 43: 3)! In Jesus’ Mighty Name, Amen.

Beloved Prodigal Playlist 11 Oct 2017:


6 thoughts on “Safe in His Hands

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  1. The Greek word for “believe” certainly adds meaning, Anna. It’s such a comfort to know Jesus will never, ever let us go in this learning school of leaning. This message, photo, and song are all so encouraging. Thank you. When the world is breaking, Christ is never shaken. Such hope in that! Love and hugs!


  2. Dear Anna,
    Oh, I am joining you in this prayer tonight: “We entrust ourselves and our Beloved Prodigals into Your mighty hands, believing that You will indeed never let us go.” What a solid place to put our Hope and Belief: into our Lord’s strong arms. Thank you for such a beautiful playlist. I have saved it, and will be listening to it often! Love & Hugs to you my dear friend!


    1. We are so blessed by His Promises that remind us to depend on His saving grace alone. He loves us all so very much. So glad you were encouraged, Bettie. God loves to multiply His blessings. Love & hugs to you too.


  3. Knowing that God never lets us go and that leaning on Jesus is the way to finish this race called life is a reninder how God speaks to us today through His Word and He lives in us and those prodigals who were saved before going astray. Today, we give Jesus control of our children and the battle we are raging against Satan. Father, release Satan’s grip on our children and lead them home. Amen.


    1. Sending you hugs from afar today, Vicki. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to respond to your heartfelt comment.

      He does indeed speak to us and live in us. His Love never ever fails. May He lead us ever deeper into this gentle, tender and all-pursuing Love. I pray it leads us all to a deeper and deeper surrender that we might shine Christ’s Light ever brighter into the dark night of our Beloved Prodigals that they would begin to see the One True God.


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