Restoration’s Story

Wednesday Worship

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Restoration’s Story

For all those who believe they are too far gone for Love to heal and make a Masterpiece from brokenness. For all those who believe their Beloved Prodigals are too far gone for Restoration’s Hand to redeem and pour out blessing. Be encouraged today, as you worship in Spirit and truth that all God’s children are precious in His sight. Be strengthened in the knowledge that no matter how far we or those we love have strayed, we are all, by the power of the Holy Spirit in us, born into Christ’s Story. A Story inked in the redemptive blood of the Holy and blameless Lamb of God, purposed for SO much good –

Restoration’s Story – Broken Multiplied

By Anna Louise Smit

Each move
Each turn
That took me
There so far from you
I recall and count against.

The word I hear
You’ll never change
All you do
Is break, destroy.

No, child
Each move
Each turn
There so far from Me
I recall My hand upon.

Glory’s crown
The word I give
You’re forever Mine
All that I AM
Is whole and true.

Each move
Each turn
That took you
There so far from Me
I’ve purposed
Harvest great.

From pain
And shame
From grief
And broken dreams
I’m painting here
My masterpiece of Kingdom Come.

Each move
Each turn
I’ve multiplied
From broken dead
To resurrected lives in bloom.

Humble servant
Word made flesh in you
You’ll change the world around
All you do in Me
Is heal, restore.

Come, let’s enter His courts with thanksgiving and praise! Our God is worthy to be praised!  Restoration’s Story is breathing within each one of us.

4 thoughts on “Restoration’s Story

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  1. Dear Anna,
    I love these Wednesday mornings here in Worship. Jesus is speaking such encouragement! And this stanza echoes in my heart so strongly today:

    “Glory’s crown
    The word I give
    You’re forever Mine
    All that I AM
    Is whole and true.”

    What precious words to hold onto, as I pray for my loved ones, and for my own heart in this place too. He does and will restore and redeem! Love and Hugs to you across the ocean today!


    1. Thank you so much for always encouraging me, Bettie. Oh I too keep needing this reminder – that I already have all I need right there inside of me. He will lead us both onwards toward the Masterpiece He already sees before Him. He is so faithful and true. I’m so glad you were encouraged. Love and gentle hugs from afar to you too


  2. This is beautiful, Anna. Yes, He is whole and true. Such comfort in that. His plan is always perfect, and all the shame, grief, and pain we suffer will turn out to His glory and our good. Thank you for this encouraging poem. Love and hugs!


    1. There is, isn’t there? It will. It’s often hard to see that – we so need His eyes. I’m glad it encouraged you. When the words came it felt like He was speaking them straight to my heart. I was struggling so much at the time believing I was redeemable, so when I felt Him ask me to sit and write these words I just cried and cried and cried. He is so so compassionate and loving. Love and hugs to you too.

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