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Wednesday Worship

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When You Pray for Me

When you pray
Pray not for safe
Or for free of strife
Pray my roots therein deeper grow.

When you pray
Pray not for questions ceased
But for questions raised to life
My voice breaking free.

When you pray
Pray not just for convicted sin
But for cloak of Grace
My face to turn toward, not away.

When you pray
Pray not with eyes to sin
But kindness wrapped around
My heart to warm and bleed to Life.

When you pray
Pray not for curses torn
But for Truth unwrapped
For crucified AND raised with Christ I’m free.

When you pray
Pray not for conflict gone
But for leaning deeper in
My Savior’s arms to meet.

When you pray
Pray not that I’d return to old
But running Home
See all old in Christ made new.

When you pray
Pray secure of Holy Spirit’s seal
Of my Christ in me stronger still
Of weapons forged against He breaks.

When you pray
Pray with Christ’s own eyes
That see me standing there
Complete and whole before His throne.

When you pray
Pray in thankfulness for all
The pain and grief we walk
Christ’s own heart shall grow and pour.

When you pray
Pray your own heart to pour
And cast of all that weighs you down
Christ’s pure truth alone to live and gift.

When you pray
Pray not for me as your problem child
But as your Peter called of Christ
Restored, the Church shall grow to bless.

When you pray
Pray Christ’s own heart 
From Cross He bled
For the joy set before –

His children running Home.

LORD, today we gather before You to worship You in Spirit and Truth. We cast out all fear believing in the truth of who You are, the One who lives inside our Beloved Prodigals and who even now is opening their ears to hear Your Word and believe in him who sent You. Thank You that not one of Your children shall come into condemnation because each one is passed from death unto life in the power of the cross and the seal of the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 1:13, John 5: 24). Thank You that even as the enemy harshly accuses them from within and without, causing the eyes of their heart to be blinded from Your face, even still, Your Beloved Prodigals will not be moved. For YOU will never leave or forsake them and You remain in their midst, protecting and sustaining them (Psalm 46:15). We praise You that Your Beloved Prodigals are created anew in You and that their sins and past do not define them, but YOU do (2 Corinthians 5: 17 – 6:10). The God, who calls them come, just as they are. Thank You for holding our loved ones in the palm of Your Mighty Hand. Amen.

Come join us in worship today:


4 thoughts on “See Them Running Home

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  1. Dear Anna, This is such an amazing poem coupled with the worship songs here! Oh may my heart remain fixed on the Hope and Joy that is in Jesus. And I want to keep my eyes fixed on the course that Jesus has set for my loved ones, and for myself, because HE is at work in those hidden places! Blessings, love and hugs!


    1. Hugs, Bettie. It is definitely not an easy or painless journey. But thanks be to our mighty Savior, who leads us through it all, rooting us more deeply into His love through it all. Sending you so much love.


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