listening: heeding God’s call on our lives as we share his love

Listening to God is a faith practice we benefit from persevering in. In seasons where God appears to be silent we might worry that we’ve lost our ability to hear from Him. We are being asked to stretch our faith and to trust in God’s heart for us, even when we cannot always hear His voice or see His hand at work.

During times of prayerful listening we sense God speaking to us by means of inner impressions, which we learn to identify as His voice above our own thoughts. I hope and pray this prayer whisper will bless you today…

‘Listening and sharing’

“Quieten yourself to listen to Me. I am continually speaking. There is so much noise in the world and continual traffic of thoughts in your head. These things drown out My still, small voice. Be attentive. Stay in My Presence long enough for Me to speak to you. As the clamour of thoughts arise, simply let them ebb and flow as you return your attention to Me.

I will not shout. The cross is a megaphone to rouse a deaf world. There I spoke powerfully so that all could hear My message of redemptive love. Each encounter with the risen Christ is both a silence and a shouting as you come in reverence and awe and are overcome with thankfulness and praise.

The message is to be shared. Wake My children up. Let them know I love them. My desire is that none should perish. As you train yourself to listen to Me, you will be equipped to love others. Soak in My Presence; rest in My Peace. Then go out and share these things with those who need to hear them. The Lord God is with you. He is mighty to save.”

**Anna has a personal message for you all, arising from listening to God’s call on her life..**

Anna: “Recently, I sensed God asking me to release the blog Beloved Prodigal I opened in September last year with the prayers and support of dear friends. And as I laid it in God’s hands and passed the baton on to the Team that the LORD has gathered around me in the past months, I have also sensed the LORD gifting me back this online home – Joy of the Spirit Within – to write from the depths of my heart.

Beloved Prodigal was a sacred step of obedience and one that has greatly grown my heart through confession and repentance, and gifted me beautiful friendships. But God has always placed a much deeper desire in me to share my journey through mental illness.

I am currently experiencing a relapse of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and unlike last time, I am no longer so awfully ashamed of my journey, but rather, I feel blessed to be given the opportunity to share the depths of His great love with you all through the healing process. And this is what my heart, vision and dream is for Joy of the Spirit Within..”

A word from Bettie:

I was so blessed when I saw the Scripture verse for today on my Daily Bible App.  How could God have known just what we all needed?  Transition and change can feel like a rocky place for those of us who are children of routine and schedules.  But our Lord knows exactly what we need, doesn’t He?  I believe that He is moving us all along HIS path of what is best for each one of us.  

And when one of us suffers, we each should come alongside and cheer the hurting one on to find strength and help in Jesus. That is exactly what Anna has done for each member of this team, over the months that we have been together. And so, we are giving to her our deepest love and prayers in that same thought.  Jesus is working for the best in each one of us.  And just what was that Scripture for today?

“being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus” Philippians 1:6

Our God is so full of grace towards us, his children. May you all feel that same grace extended towards you today, as you love those ones God has given to you.

Let us pray…

Dear Father,
We lift our beloved sister Anna to you, with deep gratitude for the way you laid the Beloved Prodigal vision on her heart and encouraged her in setting up this community. We thank and praise you for her diligence, hard work and faithfulness.

Bless her greatly as she answers a new calling, passes the baton on to others and settles back into her previous blogging home. May you continue to equip her to have a yielded heart of love and compassion for others, and grant her the ability to be able to live more fully and freely in every way, singing out the joy of your Spirit within her in the sharing of her ongoing story.

Teach us to seek clarity for the way ahead, particularly in how we can best serve your people and purposes here. Reveal the vision and focus you have for this space and help shape the team who will take on the work ahead by your grace. Give us your heart for the hurting, lost and broken.

**Just click here to read the full post about Anna’s need to make this choice. Thank you.** 🙂

4 thoughts on “listening: heeding God’s call on our lives as we share his love

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  1. Thank you again, Anna, for the beautiful ways that you have listened to the voice of Jesus, and helped each one of us long for His voice also! May the Lord bless you as you step out in obedience to His continued calling! And thank you Joy, for this beautiful prayer whisper, calling us to listen to our Dear Lord Jesus! Oh how I pray that I will heed His loving call upon my own life too. Love and hugs to you my dear friend!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Amen to your words about Anna and the prayer of your heart! It’s also good to hear that the prayer whisper was a blessing to you. May we all grow in our ability to listen to God. Love and hugs to you, dear Bettie! 💜


  2. A big thank you to all of you at Beloved Prodigal – the Team and community of readers. I have been so blessed by all of you. Grown so much in our Lord through your posts, prayers, comments and encouragement. Thank you, Joy, for your words. I am so thankful for how our Lord patiently teaches us how to listen, surrender and return our hearts to deep rest in Him. He is so faithful and so kind. Praise Him!

    Beloved Prodigal will always hold a special place in my heart and I will continue to pray for you all and our Beloved Prodigals. Believing God will bring His children Home.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Dear Anna, new as I am to the Team, I can still sense how we are light and salt, blessing and inspiration, hope, support and encouragement for one another. It’s a privilege to be part of this growing community and to have come under your generous, open, honest, kind and thoughtful leadership.
      You will always hold a special place in our hearts and we will continue to pray for you as you take this next step of obedience in your journey of faith. Your faithful listening and surrender to God is a huge inspiration to us as we seek His will for the future of Beloved Prodigal. May you keep being brave in spirit and courageous in how you share what God lays on your heart. Blessings and love! xo 💜


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