I, Anna Louise Smit, am a Beloved Prodigal. I am a lavishly loved daughter of the Most High King.


Beloved Prodigal is a gathering place for all “lavishly loved” (the definition of the word prodigal) children of God. As we gather here, may we see the God who forever stays.


I first gave my life to the LORD on Thursday 27 June, 1985. My Dad recorded the moment in his diary, explaining that his four-year-old daughter wept from her conviction of sin and asked the LORD to make His home in her heart. This now 38-year old has known the faithfulness of a God who keeps His promises to His children in a profound way. 


Pouring out the anointing of His Spirit upon me in the presence of my enemy, as my Mum lay dying, God brought this Prodigal, after more than twenty years of running, home.


It’s only recently, however, that I have been able to see His finger prints over every facet of my running away. His gifts of grace met me at every twist and turn and continue to, for He was and still is making my path straight in Him. He continues to show me daily that He is the God who never ever leaves nor forsakes His lavishly loved children.


All those moments I thought I was running from God, I can now see I was actually running away from a cruel idol and into my Savior’s purpose and plan for my life. His glorious path has been one of stripping away my pride, my fears and my shame to give me Himself. His will was and still is to restore, redeem and unveil such beauty in my life and my story, every step of the way. And I believe it is for your life and story too.


The Word spoken into and over us by our parents never returns void. For this is the exquisite beauty of God’s gift to us, His children. Our lives, even when we don’t yet see it, declare the faithfulness of a God who holds us in the palm of His hand our whole life long and into eternity. 


Oh how much He loves us, oh how His heart breaks with ours through each attack waged against us. But oh how His heart also beats with anticipation, for He can already see that what the enemy meant for harm is bringing life and more life, not just to us but so many more. He already sees us unfurling, rising and shining in the light of His love and eternal purpose for us.


So, come, let us arise and shine, Beloved Prodigals, for our light has surely come and the glory of the LORD rises upon us.


We are His and He is ours, forevermore!

Hebrews 11:30 (ESV) By faith the walls of Jericho fell down after they had been encircled for seven days.

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