testimony: reaching a prodigal child

Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to our guest contributor, Kitty Foth-Regner, who came to Christ later in life. She is a retired copywriter, published author and 60-hour-a-month nursing-home volunteer at the facility where her believing mother lived and died. Welcome, Kitty!   One of the questions I’ve heard most often over my years as... Continue Reading →

Remember: A Mama’s Memories

  We have a favorite story that usually gets shared at least once a year in our family gatherings. Even though our children were all young when it happened, (in fact our daughter wasn't even born yet,) each one could probably repeat the story verbatim now, since they've heard it throughout their growing-up years. And... Continue Reading →

hope: for mothers of Prodigals – here’s hope

We’re delighted to welcome mother, grandmother, blogger, inspirational speaker, and author, Lori Hatcher, as this week’s guest writer. She is writing to encourage all our Prodigal Mamas this week. Over to you, Lori…   Are you relieved that Mother’s Day is over for another year? You may have been one of the women wiping their eyes... Continue Reading →

General Data Protection Regulation (EU)

Hello Beloved Prodigal friends, This post is a bit different from the usual offering. I (Anna Smit - blog owner) am writing to alert you to some changes in data protection which affect how you might receive Beloved Prodigal emails. It has primary relevance to those who subscribe to receive Beloved Prodigal blog posts by... Continue Reading →

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