forgiveness: the return of the elder son

Have you asked the Lord for a friend who could come alongside you as you pray for loved ones?  Have you felt the alone-ness that comes when your church body has grown weary of hearing you request prayer for your wandering ones again? I have felt those cries when my children were walking through deep... Continue Reading →

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grace: the power of forgiveness

Today, Anna is returning to share of some of the revelations the Lord has been gifting her in the quiet of her rest, which she prays will encourage those praying for Prodigals. The Beloved Prodigal Team is taking two weeks off after this post to rest and be refreshed in the Lord. May God bless... Continue Reading →

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grandmother: the power of a praying grandmother

Did you know that grandmother elephants lead the entire herd? Join me at Beloved Prodigal this week as we shares a guest blog from a son’s perspective, while Bettie's son, Sean, gives voice to a portion of his story! Sean: I’m excited to join you today at Beloved Prodigal because I know first-hand the power... Continue Reading →

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